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What is going on in the escorts service in Hackney these days? It seems that escorts agencies both north and south of the river are just as busy. Many Hackney escorts agencies are reporting records profits for 2016. The London Escort Guide thought it would be interesting to speak to some of the agency owner to find out what is going on in this part of London. Are people becoming more comfortable with dating escorts or who is dating the hot girls of Hackney like I am sure that there are many different answers to this question and different point of views.

Joe from Hackney escorts says that it is a combination of things. First of all we have seen a sharp rise in divorces. A lot of men are not very happy to commit to relationships again, and Joe says in his area, they are dating Hackney girls. All of my Hackney escorts are very busy and most of our dates are on a one to one basis. The age group is normally above 45 and most of the gents are single. Outcalls are for the first time becoming more popular and this must mean that a lot of the local chaps are staying in with their girls.

Stewart from VIP Hackney escorts says that Hackney escorts are busy because they have added more services. If you check out the Internet he says, you will find that a lot of agencies have added on more services. This has given them a wider dating base and people who never used to date escorts now do. Last year duo dating was added on, and this year a lot of agencies have added on escorts for couples. I am sure that 2017 will see even more new services and exciting ideas.

Gina who owns Adult Models Hackney escorts together with her husband says that it is all of the single men who have made Hackney escorts so busy. She says they don’t want to get married again and they certainly do not want any commitments. This is why they date escorts a lot. It gives them a chance of companionship and they are not alone. I think this trend is set to continue she says, so many people are living alone these days and I can’t see that changing at all. As a matter of fact, I think there is call for more male escorts in Hackney.

Well, if more people are living alone, perhaps they are beginning to view the escorts service as professional service. People pay for so many things out of their own pocket these days, so why not pay for escorts. We are becoming very independent and it also seems that we have a certain yearning to live alone. It is not only in Hackney you will see this new trend. The trend is also clearly visible in other cities around the world. Perhaps we are not meant to live together and are actually better off living apart – a new tomorrow waits us all.

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