How to Easily Get Laid with a Professional Escort

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You can hire Cheap escorts in London for a girlfriend experience for an evening party. At some point, you may pose the crucial question to her, “Do you want to get comfortable?” Show the lady how much you are willing to pay by putting the money on the bedside table and getting undressed. If she starts to undress as well, this gives you the green light to take things further. Be romantic to the escort just like you would be with your real girlfriend. Take time during foreplay, to enable her to relax and be ready for penetration. Even though she is a professional, your input is still required to create a fantastic environment for sex.

Let the escort understand what you want by your cues for an experience without reservations. You should also be sensitive to her tastes and preferences. Respond positively to her suggestions about sex positions, depth, and intensity of your thrusts. For example, some escorts will not allow you to insert your fingers into their vagina while others will encourage you to dip your fingers in the honey jar during foreplay. Among other things that may be no-no’s for an escort include kissing on the mouth and anal sex.

Remember to carry a pack of condoms for protection since venereal diseases are a reality when dealing with a lady who has been with several men. Do not rely on the escort to provide you with one since they carry low-quality condoms that are likely to burst during sex. Bringing your favorite brand of condoms with you also helps avoid awkward delays in case the lady is also not stocked, and one of you has to rush out in the middle of foreplay to get the arsenal.

Always carry a tube of KY Jelly by your side. Proper lubrication is key to having quality sex. Even though she might be sufficiently wet most of the time, she might at some point require to supplement it using lubricant. Remember that this is a professional trying to give you sexual pleasure and not a real girlfriend and so there will be those moments her vagina becomes dry. She might have been with some other clients and exhausted, which affects how she gets ready for penetration including achieving wetness. Also, she might have had her monthly period not so long ago, which make it hard to achieve maximum wetness during this period. Ensure to grease up after putting on a condom for smooth penetration.

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