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Perhaps you would like to try something different or even go for a complete new look. In case you are tired of looking like you have spent your entire life in office blue, we have a couple of hot tips for you. You may be wondering if the girls who work for London escorts of are naturally born sex kittens. If you are thinking along those lines, you would be sorely wrong. Only a couple of the girls who work for elite London escorts services are naturally born sex kittens. Most of the girls have to work at it.


So, how do you get London escorts sexy kitten look? How do become a charlotte escorts sex kitten? You may think that most London escorts spend hours in the gym. In fact, you are far more likely to find your average London sipping champagne in a bar than working out at the gym. According to the London escorts, I have met so far, it is all about enhancing your figure in the right kind of way. Dressing right for your shape can quickly turn you into the hottest sexy kitten in London.


If you would like to be the hottest sexy kitten at London escorts, you must not be afraid to stand out in a crowd. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and see if you need a “course correction” so to speak. This is what a lot of the girls at London escorts do. Maybe you need to change your haircut, or even update that hair color that you have been so fond of for a couple of years now. Why not be brave and try something totally different? Maybe a pink or a few purple streaks is just what you need to make a difference.


What about the length of that skirt? If you have been wearing standard length skirts for the office, you do need to take a look at the length of your skirt. Check out a few images of London escorts and you will soon notice the girls like to show off their legs. Should you not normally wear stockings, you need to invest in a couple of pairs. It does not matter if they are hold up or you need suspenders with them. Showing off your stockings tops is what really is going to matter.


When you have mastered your hair and clothes, you need to consider your make-up. You don’t need to choose a bright red lipstick. Instead, pick a color which matches your eyes and makes them stand out more than ever before. The girls at London escorts never rush choosing the right lipstick for them. Take your time, and go through all of them taking a look at the difference cosmetics counters. The best thing you can is perhaps to visit one of the larger department stores in London and invest in a couple of different shades. Blending your own unique color by mixing and matching different colors is the hottest tip from London escorts. Daring to be different is what ultimately gives you that London escorts look.

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